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Unwrap a New Smile This Winter With Professional Teeth Whitening

December 23, 2023 9:00 am

If you’re looking for that snow-white smile, professional teeth whitening could be the perfect holiday treat! At Edgewood Family Dentistry, our friendly team is ready to brighten your smile safely and quickly, possibly in just one visit!

Why Should I Choose Professional Whitening This Holiday Season?

Considering the array of home whitening options, you might wonder why go professional? Sure, over-the-counter products can improve your smile’s brightness. However, these often take weeks to show results and may cause sensitivity.

Professional teeth whitening uses a higher concentrations of whitening ingredients, and can often whiten to your desired shade in only one appointment. Typically, we perform a routine cleaning beforehand to ensure the most effective whitening, removing any plaque or tartar that could hide your smile’s true potential. Custom take home options utilize fitted trays that evenly distribute whitening gel, while also protecting the gums. Worried about teeth sensitivity? At our clinic, we take extra steps to protect your teeth and gums from sensitivity.

Is It Expensive?

Wondering about the cost? Since insurance often doesn’t cover cosmetic treatments, the price can vary. Your unique smile determines the exact cost, which we can discuss during a consultation. Don’t worry, we offer various financing options to make treatments accessible.

Can I Gift a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Thinking of gifting a teeth whitening treatment? While we don’t have gift cards for specific services, you can still make it happen! Have your loved one call us to schedule a consultation, and you can cover the cost as a special gift.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Anderson, IN!

Ready to gift a dazzling white smile? Contact Edgewood Family Dentistry today for our top-notch professional teeth whitening services. Schedule your appointment and give the gift of a radiant smile!

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